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Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation


Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation

chemical fiber products- industrial yarn, POY, textured filament yarns, polyester staple fibers, polyester chips, functional fibers, S/S elastic fibers, anti-ultraviolet & anti-bacterium fibers, wavetech profile fibers, bamboo charcoal fibers, anti-pilling staple fibers, anti-penetrating fiber, fine denier DTY, ultra-fine micro-fiber fabric, S/C conjugated fibers, fireproof fiber, PET bottle grade resins, PET bottles, PET preform, engineering polymer, compounded plastics, polyester films, optical grade films, polyester filament yarn, apparel, fashion & textiles.

Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation was initially founded by H.S. Wu in 1967, subsequently developing into a joint venture with Toray Industries. Inc. and Mitsubishi Corporation Co., Ltd. The total number of employees is currently 2,300 with more than 120,000 shareholders and NT $29.9 billion assets. The company finished construction in May 1970 and began operation immediately after. Continuous gradual expansion has led to today’s three main factories in Taiwan, boasting a total combined area of about 444,000 square meters, and producing 1300 tons of polyester products per day. Additionally, the company also commands manufacturing sites in China and Thailand. Devotion to R&D has also led SSFC to extend and expand its business operations. We now offer not only traditional fiber goods, but also fiber for industrial purposes, such as yarn for tire cord fabrics, yarn for air bags, and S/S elastic fibers. Functional fibers, with specified properties such as anti-ultraviolet, anti-bacterium, moisture absorption/sweat evacuation, heat-retention, and fireproof/retardancy, have all been successfully developed and brought to production and market by SSFC. According to a rough analysis, the diversity of of the fiber mix relative to optical fibers at SSFC is over 70%. Shinkong Synthetic Fibers is specialized in the production of polyester fibers and plastics. Products include textured filament yarn, POY , polyester staple fiber, industrial yarn, polyester chips, PET bottle grade resin, PET bottles, PET preform , engineering polymer and its compounded plastics, polyester film, optical grade films and A-PET sheet. We have achieved steady growth by adhering to the principles of "pragmatism & realism", "a methodical approach", "fairness & transparency", and "team spirit" directed towards the goal of developing new products to satisfy client needs and establish a reputation for impeccable after-sale service. Due to both perserverance in a substantial growth strategy and diversification into new lines, the revenue from plastic products has even exceeded that of the original chemical fiber product line. Downstream applications cover a gamut of different areas such as textile, food, packaging, electronics, and opto-electronics. Excellent quality and diversity across our product range has earned the trust of local and international customers alike.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Dung Sheng Wu
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