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          Pesticide Manufacturers

          There are 9 manufacturers in this Pesticide Manufacturers category, the follows are 1 - 9 [Page 1]:
          Listings of Pesticide Manufacturers Manufacturers & Pesticide Manufacturers Suppliers

          Green Mountain Co., Ltd. : Pesticide Manufacturers

          Manufacturer of agricultural and chemical products, such as paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, mono ammonium phosphates, copper oxides, lithium battery, li ion batteries, naphthalene balls, camphor balls, candle machines, fully refined paraffin wax, copper sulfate & oxide, sulfamic acid, facial masks, cleaners surfactants, acetal copolymer ( POM), potassium perchlorate, food stuffs, pesticides, fertilizers, aminal extracts, essences perfumes, seeds, coatings, detergents, dyestuffs, pigments, electroplating...

          Jiahua Import & Export Co., Ltd. : Pesticide Manufacturers

          PTSA, para toluene sulfonic acid, toluene air-oxidated, toluene chloro-sulfonated, phenolic moulding compounds, pesticides, sourcing products.

          Suzhou Sinosun Imp. & Exp. Corporation : Pesticide Manufacturers

          feed additives, food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, industrial chemicals, pesticides, plant growth regulators, fungicides, electronic chemicals, customs manufacturing, custom synthesis.

          Taizhou Luqiao Yongsheng Agricultural Spraying Equipment Factory. : Pesticide Manufacturers

          farm equipment, farm equipments, pesticide sprayers.

          Zhangzhou Yongheng Cosmetic Co., Ltd. : Pesticide Manufacturers

          air fresheners, mosquito coils, pesticide sprays, liquid pesticides, mosquito slices, hair dyers.

          Taizhou Lvdao Cosmetics Co., Ltd. : Pesticide Manufacturers

          air fresheners, solid fresheners, fog pesticides, cosmetics, hair products, polish wax for furniture and car, artworks.

          Tar Li Hardware Co., Ltd. : Pesticide Manufacturers

          Manufacturer of garden tool such as shoulder spreaders, sharpener plus cutters, hardware productions, garden tool, hand tools, farm hand tools, construction hand tools, metal productions, educational DIY playing children toys, lift assist seats, stationary and indoor games, sharpener plus cutter, 2 in 1 pruner, tile cutter, insect terminator powder spreader, agriculture tools.

          Taiwan Y.F.D Co., Ltd. : Pesticide Manufacturers

          plastic bottle mold production,
          mineral water bottle preform, soda bottle preform,
          salad oil bottle preform, pesticide bottle preform,
          cosmetics bottle preform, candy can preform, jelly cup preform,
          wide mouth bottle preform, special type bottle preform, mold preform.

          Ever Sing Company Co., Ltd. : Pesticide Manufacturers

          best agro-chemicals products including pesticide/ fertilizers, calcium
          nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate, monoammonium phosphate( MAP),
          diammonium phosphate( DAP), potassium nitrate monopotassium phosphate
          ( MKP), npk fertilzers, organic fertilizers, fish pond chemicals,
          pesticides, fungicides.


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