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          Zhupiter : B2B Directory for Sourcing Taiwan & China Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters.

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          Computer, PC Peripheral Hardware & Software

          Listings of Computer, PC Peripheral Hardware & Software Manufacturers & Computer, PC Peripheral Hardware & Software Suppliers


          Linux Based Software

          Computer Graphic

          Display Manufacturers

          LCD Displays

          LCD Display Drivers

          Lcd Display Modules

          LCD Display Panels

          LCD Panel Manufacturers

          TFT Displays

          Cat5e Patch Cables

          Computer Cable Suppliers

          Computer Cable Manufacturers

          Computer Connectors

          SATA Connector

          SD Card Connectors

          SMT Connectors

          Usb Port Hub

          3.5 Hard Drive Enclosures

          Blank CD R

          Blank DVD R

          CD Duplicators

          CD DVD Replication

          CD Manufacturing

          CD Manufacturers

          CD R Manufacturers


          CD Rom Drives

          CD ROM Manufacturing

          CD RW Drives

          CD RW Media

          CF Memory Cards

          Compact Disc Recordables

          Compact Flash

          Computer Storage Devices

          Data Storgaes Systems

          Digital Memory Cards

          Disk Storages

          Dual Layer Dvd Media

          DVD Manufacturers

          DVD Manufacturings

          DVD Player Manufacturers

          DVD Players

          DVD R DL Media

          DVD R Manufacturers

          DVD Recorders

          DVD Rewritable

          DVD ROM Manufacturing

          Dvd Rw Media

          DVDR Manufacturers

          Enclosure Manufacturers

          External CDs Roms

          External Drive Enclosures

          External Enclosure Manufacturers

          External Firewire Enclosures

          External SATA Enclosures

          External USB Enclosures

          Fingerprint Flash Drives

          Flash Drives

          Flash Memory Modules

          Hard Drive Manufacturers

          HD Enclosures

          HDD Enclosures

          IDE Flash Disks

          Media Storages

          Memory Card Adapters

          Memory Card Manufacturers

          Multimedia Memory Cards

          Optical Storage Devices

          RAID Enclosures


          Recordable CD

          Recordable Dvd

          RS MMC Cards

          SD Digital Cards

          SD Flash Cards


          Secure Digital Cards

          Secure Digital Memory Cards

          SQ Cards

          Storage Raid, Raid Storages

          USB 2.0 Drives

          USB Drives

          USB External Hard Drives

          USB Flash Hard Drives

          USB Floppy Drivers

          USB Hard Drives

          USB Manufacturers

          USB OTG, USB On The Go

          USB Pens Drives

          Computer Coolers

          Computers Cooling System

          CPU Cooler Manufacturer

          CPU Cooling Kits

          Electric Coolers

          HDD Cooler

          Laptop Coolers

          Computer Hardware

          Axial Fans

          Barebone Systems

          Camera Module

          Camera Modules

          CCD Camera Module

          CF Cards

          Circuit Board Manufacturers

          Computers Hardware

          Computer Cabinets

          Computer Cases Manufacturers

          computer chips

          Computer Cooling

          Computer Cooling Fans

          Computers Cooling Systems

          Computer Mainboards

          Computer Memorys

          Computer Memory

          Computers Memory Chips

          Computer Memory Modules

          Computer Part Manufacturers

          Computers Parts

          CPU Cards

          CPU Cooling Fans


          CPU Water Coolers


          Crystal Resonators

          Flash Cards

          Flash Memory

          Flash Memorys

          HDD Coolers

          Heat Sink, Heatsink Manufacturer

          Heatsink Manufacturer

          Industrial Chassis

          Industrial Motherboard

          Memory Chips

          Memory Modules

          Mini ITX Cases

          Mini SD Cards

          Motherboard Suppliers, Motherboard Manufacturers

          Motherboard Manufacturers

          Network Interfaces

          PC Board

          PC Board Manufacturer

          PC Cases

          PC Motherboards

          POS Terminal Manufacturer

          Power Supply Fans

          Rackmounts Manufacturer

          Radiator Cooling Fans

          Single Boards Computers

          Sound Cards

          System Coolers

          USB Serial Adapters

          VGA Coolers

          Video Surveillance Cards

          Water Cooling Kit

          LCD Manufacturers

          LCD Ceiling Mounts

          LCD Computer Monitors

          LCD Drivers

          LCD Flat Panel Monitor

          LCD HDTV Manufacturers

          LCD Kits

          LCD Monitor Drivers

          LCD Monitor Manufacturer

          LCD Mounts

          LCD PDA Manufacturers

          LCD Projectors

          LCD TV Mounts

          LCD TV Wall Mounts

          LCD Wall Mounts

          Open Frame LCD

          Rack Mount LCD Monitors

          TFT LCD Manufacturer

          LCD TFT Monitor

          TFT LCD Panels

          LCD Television Manufacturers

          Mini Color TVs

          Broadcast Rack Mount Monitors

          Computer Monitors

          Computer Monitor Manufacturers

          Computer Privacy Filter

          CRT Manufacturers

          CRT Monitors

          Flat Panels Monitor Arms

          Headrest Monitors

          Industrial Monitors

          LCD Monitor Wall Mounts

          LCD Video Monitors


          Monitor Manufacturers

          Monitor Switches

          Monitor Tests

          Open Frame Touch Screen Monitors

          POS Monitors

          SVGA Monitors

          Temperature Monitors

          TFT Monitors

          Touch Screen Manufacturer

          TV Manufacturers

          6 In 1 Cards Readers

          Compact Flash Card Readers

          Memory Card Readers

          Smart Cards Readers

          USB Card Readers

          PC Camera

          Digital PC Cameras

          CMOS PC Cameras

          Computer Cameras

          IP Cameras Manufacturers

          PC Card Security Cameras

          PC Digital Video Camera

          PC Security Cameras

          PC Surveillance Cameras

          PC Video Cameras

          PC Web Cameras

          USB PC Cameras

          Web Cameras

          Web Cam & Webcam Manufacturer

          Wireless PC Camera

          Wireless Security PC Cameras

          Computer Peripheral

          56K Modems

          IP Web Cam

          Notebook USB Web Cam

          ATX Cases

          Bar Codes Label Printers

          Bar Code Printers

          Barcode Label Printers

          Barcode Printers

          Camcorder Manufacturers

          CCTV Manufacturers

          CD Cleaners

          CMOS Cameras

          Computer Accessory

          Computer Cam

          Computer Desktop

          Computer Electronics Manufacturers

          Computer Enclosures

          Computer Hardware Peripherals

          Computer Headphones

          Computer Headsets

          Computer Keyboards

          Computer Keyboard Manufacturers

          Computer Mouse Manufacturers

          Computer Racks

          Computer Scanners

          Computer Speakers

          Computer Speaker

          Computer Stands

          Computer Tool Kits

          computer video cameras

          Control Panels

          Cooling Notebook Stands

          Custom Mouse Pads

          Custom Printed Mouses Pads

          Digital Photo Printers

          Digital Tuners

          Digital Video Recording Systems

          Dome Cameras

          Drawer KVM

          DVB Tuner

          DVD Lens Cleaner

          DVR Cards

          DVR Manufacturers

          Electric Projector Screens

          Electrical Household Appliances

          Embedded Boards

          Ergonomic Keyboards

          Ergonomic Mouse Pads

          External Enclosures

          External Hard Drive Enclosures

          Fiber Optic Modems

          Flash Disk Manufacturer

          Foldable Keyboards

          IEEE 1394 Cards

          Industrial Control Panels

          Infrared Camera Manufacturers

          Internet Cam

          ISDN Modems

          Keyboard Drawers

          Keyboard Manufacturers

          Keyboard Manufacturer

          Keyboard Protective Cover

          Computer Keyboard Trays

          Keypad Manufacturer

          KVM Cables

          KVM Extenders

          KVM over IP

          KVM Switches

          Laser Mouse

          Laser Printers

          LCD Monitor Arms

          Manual Screen Manufacturers

          Media Center Edition

          Membrane Keypad

          Metal Keyboards

          Mice Manufacturers

          Mini Mouse

          Modem Manufacturers

          Motorized Projection Screens

          Mouse Manufacturers

          Mouse Mats

          Mouse Pad Manufacturers

          MPEG Capture Cards

          Multimedia Computer Speakers

          Multimedia Players

          Notebook Portables Stands

          NoteBook Speakers

          Optical Mouses

          PC Cameras

          PC Microphones

          PC/104 CPU Modules

          PC/104 PCMCIA

          PCMCIA Modems

          Plasma TV Mounts

          Portable Data Collectors


          Printer Manufacturers

          Printer Ribbon

          Projection Screen Manufacturers


          Projectors Manufacturer

          Protective Films

          RF Keyboards

          RF Mouses

          RF Products

          Rubber Keypads

          Scanners Manufacturers

          Screen Filters

          Server Racks

          Silicone Keypads

          Slot CPU Cards

          PDA Stylus

          Surge Protectors

          Surge Protector Manufacturers

          Touch Panels

          Touch Panel

          Touch Screen kits & Systems

          Trackball Mouse

          TV Box Manufacturer

          TV Tuner Cards

          TV Tuners

          TV Tuner Manufacturers

          TV Wall Mounts

          TV Wall Mount

          USB Accessories

          USB Cameras

          USB Control Cables

          USB Fans

          USB Flash Drive

          USB Headsets

          USB Keypads

          USB Lights

          USB Microphones

          USB PC Web Cam

          USB PCI Cards

          USB PCMCIA

          USB Radios

          USB Storage

          VGA Card Manufacturers

          Video Cameras

          Portable Video Players

          Wall Mount Racks

          Wireless Keyboards Manufacturers

          Wireless Keyboards and Mouse

          Wireless Keyboard

          Wireless Keypads

          Wireless Mice

          Wireless Mouse Manufacturers

          Wireless Optical Mouses

          Wireless PCs To TVs

          Wireless PDAs Keyboards

          Wireless Presenters

          Industrial Computers Sources

          Industrial Computers

          LCD PC

          All in One PCs

          Car PC

          Embedded Industrial Computers

          Embedded Box Computers

          Embedded Computers

          Embedded PC

          Embedded Single Board Computers

          Fanless Computers

          Hand Held Computers

          Hand Held PC

          Handheld Computers

          Handheld PCs

          Home Theater PC

          Industrial PCs, Industrial Computers

          Industrial PC

          Industrial PCs

          IPC Manufacturers


          Laptop Manufacturers

          Notebook Computers

          Notebook Manufacturers

          Notebook Cooling Pads


          Panel Computers

          Panel PC Manufacturer

          PC Manufacturers

          PC Tablets


          Single Boards Industrial Computers

          Tablet PCs

          Thin Client


          Blank Dual Layer DVD

          CD Storages

          Computer Accessories

          Computer Accessory Manufacturers

          Computer Bags

          Computer Carrying Cases

          Computer Consumables

          Computer Locks

          Disk Cleaners

          Inkjet Cartridge

          Inkjet Media

          Inkjet Paper

          Inkjet Photo Paper

          Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridges

          Laptop Bags

          Laptop Notebook Batteries

          Rewritable CD

          Router Manufacturers

          USB 2.0 Cardbus

          USB 2.0 Hubs

          ADSL Filters

          ADSL Modems

          ADSL Modem Router

          ADSL Wireless Routers

          Computer Hubs

          Computer Network Security

          Computer Networking Product

          Digital Cross Connect

          Ethernet Converters

          Ethernet Hubs

          Ethernet Switch

          G.Shdsl Modem

          IEEE 1394 Hubs

          IEEE 1394

          Industrial Switch Hubs

          IP Phone System

          IP Phones

          Network Hubs

          Network PC

          Network Security Appliances

          Network Switches

          Residential Gateways


          RS232 to Ethernet


          Thin Clients

          USB 2.0 Hub

          USB 56K Modems

          Usb 2.0 Hub, USB Hub Manufacturers

          USB Hub

          USB Hubs

          USB Products

          Usb Router Adsl


          Vdsl Modem

          VOIP ADSL Routers

          VoIP Skype Phones

          Voip Wholesale

          Wireless ADSL Router

          Wireless Network Security

          Wireless Video Sender

          PDA Holders

          GPS PDA Accessories

          PDA Accessories

          PDA Manufacturers

          Screen Protectors

          Blade Servers

          Computer Workstations

          Industrial Workstations

          Rack Frames

          Rackmount Servers

          Serial to Ethernet

          Video Web Server, Network Video Server

          Embedded Software

          Logistics Software

          MCSE 2003 Certification

          MCSE Boot Camp

          MCSE Trainings

          Vinyl Cutting Plotters

          Computer Integrated Manufacturing

          Embedded Computing Systems

          PC Security

          Pick to Lights

          POS Equipments

          POS Manufacturer

          POS Systems

          Raid Systems

          Video Conferencing Systems

          Computer Adaptors

          Interactive UPS

          Off Line UPSs

          Off Line UPS

          UPS Online

          PC Power Supply

          Programmable Power Supply

          Regulated Supplies

          UPS Manufacturers


          USB Transceivers

          Computer Manufacturers

          Computer Peripherals

          Digital Audio Players

          Monitor Arms

          Wire Harness

          Medical PC

          MID Manufacturers

          Related Manufacturers

          Hau Chi Communications Corp.

          (1) GPS car navigation systems. (2) PDA based GPS car navigation platforms. (3) multifunction PDA cradles. (4) portable GPS receivers. (5) PDA peripherals. (6) handsfree car kits. (7) PDA holder (applied for all PDAs), PDA mount, PDA cradles. (8) mobile ( cell, cellular) phone holders. (9) mobile phone car chargers. (10) free cruisers. (11) pedestal, brackets.

          Songtak Technology Co., Ltd.

          1. Metal stylus, multi-functional stylus and plastic stylus-fits to PDA,smartphone,hand held and portable computers.

          2. Screen protector-available with 2.7",2.8",3.0",3.5",4.0",DIY universal type, customized size is available on request.

          3. PDA/smartphone holder.

          4. RF cable(available with IPEX,SMA,TNC,MMCX, MCX, Horise,MC card).

          5. GSM antenna.

          6. WLAN antenna.


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