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          Ophthalmic Lens

          There are 4 manufacturers in this Ophthalmic Lens category, the follows are 1 - 4 [Page 1]:
          Listings of Ophthalmic Lens Manufacturers & Ophthalmic Lens Suppliers

          Alltion (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd. : Ophthalmic Lens

          optical instruments & products- biological microscopes, digital stereo microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, industrial microscopes, surgery operating microscopes, dental and ENT operating microscopes, ophthalmic operating microscopes, colposcopes, medical scopes, optical lenses and components, microscope accessory ( accessories).

          Han-Lin Eye Clinic : Ophthalmic Lens

          new mopic laser surgery (LASIK), cosmetic surgery, lid bag, double lid, blepharoptosis surgery, botox injection, new cataract surgery ( phacoemulsification), new type intraocular lens implantation, orthokeratology to control the myopia of children, usual ophthalmic diseases diagnosis and treatment, laser of retina, laser of glaucoma, eyeglass and contact lens prescription, lasik eye surgery, wavefront laser eye surgery, Hair Removal, Face Slimming.

          Darwin Dptical Co., Ltd. : Ophthalmic Lens

          various kinds of pc( polycarbonate) ophthalmic lenses.

          Comfort Lens Industrial Co., Ltd. : Ophthalmic Lens

          healthy accessories including ophthalmic/ comfort lens coating, safety lens of hard resin.


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