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          Listings of Food & Beverage Manufacturers & Food & Beverage Suppliers

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          Related Manufacturers

          Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works.

          We have spent 40 years of experiment and research to manufacture automatic food process equipments, such as meat mincer, meat feeding mincer, high speed meat mincer, high speed blender, conveying roaster oven, gas & electric roaster oven, seafood oven, sawing machine, meat slicer machine, vegetable slicer, mixing & seasoning machine, bi-cone mixer, double steam boiler, high pressure quick boiler, soy bean milk machine, smasher, food dryer, meat broth shaping machine, fish starch shaping machine, tempura sha...

          Ping Roun Products Co. Ltd.

          frozen seafood, frozen prepared food, frozen meal, fried food, stemed food & frzoen shrimp processing-
          (1) frozen roasted eel- prepared eel, roasted eel with bamboo skewer, frozen fish.
          (2) frozen prepared food- fried food, steamed food.
          (3) frzoen shrimp process- fried kirin shrimp, fried shrimp, pineaple and shrimp skewer.

          Taimen Foods Corporation

          frozen products & seafoods- frozen crawfishes & scallops, fresh seafood, frozen products & seafood & foods, seafood foods, frozen scallops. red spot emperor fish fillets, baby octopus, barrmaundi fillets, black tiger prawns, cat fish & shrimps, crab meals & meats, cuttle fish fillets, fish meals, grouper fillets, squid tubes, king snapper & leather jacket fish fillets, loligo squids, mahi fillets, milk fish, oil & pacific dory fish fillets, parrot fish & pearl fillets, pink shrimps, red lobster tails, red s...

          Asia Oceanic Industries Inc.

          We provide (1) seafoods- fish, squid, muro aji, sanma, sarden, tuna fishes, frozen sea foods, mackerels, milkfish, sardine. (2) equipment used for fishing, baits, fishing nets, ropes, twines, lead core lines, mainline, swivels, fishing tackles, hooks, snaps, sleeves, strobe warning lights, gloves, tips, tubes, radio buoy, para anchors, hardwares, sinkers, working wears, long line fishing gears, plastic floats, etc.

          Ten Long Foods Co., Ltd.

          We supply human-made sea cucumbers (Gui Hua Type), Russia Sea cucumbers, human made sea cucumbers (De Lan Type), frozen foods, frozen seafood, trepangs, holothurians, beche-de-mers, stichopus, japonicus, Soviet Union ginsengs, etc.

          Classic Fine Foods ( Taiwan )

          food- meat, seafood, vegetable, pastry items, delicacy, processed food, butter, cream, cheese, mustard, pickle, worcestershire sauce, HP sauce, olive oil, vingear, foie gras, duck & goose speciality, fresh black & white truffle, mushroom, escargot, lentil, chocolate, frozen fruit & puree, shellfish, bakery products, pasta, mineral water, cavier & smoked salmon, scallop & oysters from France, yoghurt, sabarot, preserved elaborated products, caviar house.

          San Hsing Candy Factory

          Manufacturer of bubble tea powder, taro powder, yogurt fruit juice mix series, pudding bean curd jelly series, bubble tea powders, tapioca tea, boba tea, tea powder.

          HI-PET Plastics Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of PET preforms, PP caps, molds design, PET injection and blow moldings, small (beverage, soy sauce, seasoning spice) bottle per-forms, medium bottle preforms, preserves (big, honey, candy, cake, pickled produce, fragrances, fried shredded meat, preserved vegetables, jelly, fruit wine) bottles, bottle caps, containers, various profiled molds, quality solution and the like. OEM and ODM are welcome.

          Wan Jia Jin Food Co., Ltd.

          A leading soft drink manufacturer of purified bottled waters, PP/ PET bottles drinks, PET hot filling soda/ soft beverages, aluminum cans drinks, alkaline water, PP bottles for jelly beverages, canned fruit drinks, tea beverages, lemon (passion fruit, honey green) tea, sports drinks, PET cups, OEM beverages, orange (grape, ice cream, other flavors) carbonated drinks, and so forth.

          Tsang Lin Industries Co., Ltd.

          manufacturers and suppliers of (1) jelly products, fruit ( grape, lemon, strawberry, plum, alcoholic, ice, potato) jelly, fruity gels, tapioca ( chocolate, fruit) puddings, fruit bars, jelly straws, jelly sticks, jelly candy, fruity yogurts, yogurt makers. (2) snack products- snack foods, rice ( health, nature) snacks, rice rolls, rice crackers, corn bars, biscuits. (3) health care products- health drinks, essence of chicken ( clams), tree mushroom drinks, concentrate essence of Ganoderma, chicken soup. (4)...


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