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          Zhupiter : B2B Directory for Sourcing Taiwan & China Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters.

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          Hardware Products

          Listings of Hardware Products Manufacturers & Hardware Products Suppliers



          Builder Hardware

          Chipboard Screws

          Construction Screws

          Door Bolts

          Drywall Screws


          Flap Discs

          Furniture Screws



          Hook and Loop Fasteners

          Industrial Fasteners

          Stainless Steel Nail


          Plastic Fasteners

          Plastic Washers

          Roofing Screws

          Safety Hooks


          Self Drilling Screws

          Self Tapping Screws

          Sheet Metal Fastener

          Small Screws

          Special Screws

          Stainless Screws


          Abrasive Wheels

          Door Hardware

          Center Latch

          Door Handle Manufacturers

          Door Hardware Suppliers

          Door Hinge Accessories

          Door Knob

          Door Rollers

          Galvanized Gratings

          Handle Manufacturer

          Hot Dip Galvanized Gratings

          Knob Latches

          Sliding Door Hardware

          Vinyl Fence Manufacturers

          Vinyl Fencing

          Window Hardware Manufacturers

          Decorative Window Hardware

          Window Covering Hardware

          Window Handles

          Window Rollers

          Adjustable Props

          Angle Brackets

          Bracket Manufacturers

          Brass Builder Hardware

          Brass Hardware

          Building Hardware

          Carbon Steel

          Fence Gate Hardwares

          Gratings Manufacturers

          Metal Building Products

          Metal Gratings

          Metal Roof Products

          Rigid Frames

          Scaffold Casters

          Shop Fittings

          Sliding Handles

          Custom Hardware

          Clamp Sets

          Ferrule Manufacturers

          Gear Coupling

          Metal Ferrule

          Shaft Manufacturers

          Hinge Manufacturers

          Butt Hinges

          Concealed Hinges

          Door Hinges

          Furniture Hinges

          Plastic Hinges

          Soft Closing Hinges

          Spring Hinges

          Stainless Steel Hinge

          Furniture Hardware

          Brass Cabinet Hardware

          Brass Furniture Hardware

          Cabinet Drawer Slides

          Cabinet Hardware

          Cabinet Knob Manufacturers

          Ceramic Knobs

          Chair Casters

          Decorative Furniture Hardware

          Folding Handles

          Furniture Casters

          Furniture Knobs

          Furniture Pull

          Gas Springs

          Hanger Manufacturers

          Kitchen Cabinet Hardwares

          Latch Manufacturers

          Plastic Knob Manufacturers

          Shelf Brackets

          Shelf Hardware

          Soft Closing Hardware

          Tee Nuts

          Telescopic Rods

          Bathroom Fittings

          Bathroom Grab Bars

          Grab Bars

          Shower Curtain

          Stainless Steel Sanitary Fittings

          Curtain Hardware

          Curtain Blinds

          Curtain Hooks

          Curtain Rods

          Drapery Hardware

          Bathroom Hooks

          Hook Manufacturer

          Industrial Hooks

          Snap Hooks

          Wall Hooks

          Home Hardware

          DIY Product Suppliers

          Faucet Fixtures

          Glass Clamps

          Handrail Systems

          Handy Bundler

          Power Screwdrivers

          Suspension Cable Systems

          TV Racks

          Umbrella Racks

          Water Plugs

          Locker Cages

          Pallet Cages

          Pipe Fittings

          ABS Pipe Fitting, ABS Fitting

          Aluminum Pipe Fittings

          Bellow Manufacturers

          Bellows Welding

          Brass Fitting Manufacturers

          Brass Pipe Fittings

          Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

          Cast Iron Pipe Fitting

          Compression Fittings

          Copper Fittings

          Copper Pipe Fittings

          Copper Plumbing Fittings

          Expansion Joints

          Fitting Manufacturers

          Flanged Pipe Fitting

          Flexible Joints

          Formed Bellows

          Gas Pipe Fitting

          High Pressure Pipe Fitting

          Hose Clamps

          Hose Fitting

          Industrial Pipe Fitting

          Metal Bellows

          Metal Expansion Joints

          Pipe Valve Fittings

          Plumbing Fitting

          PTFE Fittings

          Quick Couplings

          Sanitary Pipe Fitting

          Seamless Steel Pipes

          Stainless Steel Fittings

          Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting

          Threaded Fittings

          Tube Fitting

          Tubing Fitting

          Vacuum Fittings

          Valve Pipe Fittings

          Weld Fitting

          Welded Bellows

          Welding Fitting

          Diverter Valves

          Flange Pipes

          Pipe Manufacturers

          Light Pipes

          Acrylic Pipe

          Ductile Iron Pipes

          Hdpe Pipes

          Hose Pipes

          Iron Pipes

          Pipes Elbows

          Pipe Elbows

          PVC Pipes

          Seamless Pipes

          Steel Pipes

          Water Pipes

          Ball Valves

          Stainless Steel Valves

          Butterfly Valves

          Check Valves

          Control Valves

          Gate Valves

          Globe Valves

          Hydraulic Valves

          Relief Valves

          Safety Valves

          Air Solenoid Valves

          Solenoid Valves

          Valve Manufacturers

          Air Control Valves

          Air Release Valves

          Air Valves

          Aluminum Valves

          Angle Valves

          Automotive Engine Performance Valves

          Ball Check Valves

          Bellows Valves

          Bicycle Tire Valve Maufacturers

          Blow Off Valves

          Brake Valves

          Brass Valves

          Cap Valves

          Clamp Valves

          Cock Valves

          Components For Valves

          Compression Fitting Valves

          Cylinder Valves

          Damper Actuators

          Diaphragm Valves

          Directional Valves

          Ductile Iron Valves

          Electric Valve Actuators

          Electric Water Valves

          Fire Hose Valves

          Flush Valves

          Forged Steel Valves

          Forged Valves

          Full Port Valves

          Gauge Valves

          Hose Valves

          Hydrant Valves

          Instrumentation Valves

          Irrigation Valves

          Manually Operated Valves

          Mechanical Valves

          Needle Valves

          One Way Valves

          PFA Lined Valves

          Plastic Valves

          Plugs Valves

          PSI Valves

          PTFE Valves

          PVC Union

          PVC Valves

          Reed Valves

          Rotary Valve Manufacturers

          Sampling Valves

          Sanitary Valves

          Shut Off Valves

          Standard Valves

          Steam Valves

          Stop Valves

          Strainer Valves

          Surge Valves

          Tank Valve Manufacturers

          Throttle Valves

          Tire Valves

          Tube Valves

          Vacuum Valves

          Valve Accessory

          Valve Actuators

          Valve Body

          Valve Caps

          Valve Parts

          Watt Valves

          Y Strainers

          Y Strainers, Y Type Strainer

          Industrial Hardwares

          Air Chamber Diaphragms

          Aluminum Hardwares

          Baling Wire For Packing Waste Papers

          Chain Link Fence Manufacturers

          CNC Tool Holders

          Diaphragm Manufacturer

          Expanded Metals

          Flat Springs

          Flow Restrictors

          Grease Fittings

          Hand Truck Manufacturers

          Digital Hanging Scales

          Hose Adapters

          Perforated Metals

          Plate Forms

          Precision Metal Part

          Rolling Diaphragms

          Rolling Lines

          Rubber Diaphragms

          Sanitary Clamp Fittings

          Sintered Parts

          Spring Pins

          Stainless Steel Coils

          Steel Strips

          Stitching Wires

          Threaded Inserts

          Tungsten Electrode

          Turnbuckles Manufacturer

          Valve Seats

          Valve Stem Manufacturers

          Industrial Parts Washers

          Welding Electrode

          Wire Book Bindings

          Wire Clothes

          Wire Form

          Withdrawal Sleeves

          Marine Hardwares

          Bronze Marine Hardware


          Marine Fitting

          Marine Hardwares Suppliers

          Marine Parts

          Marine Ropes

          Mooring Rope

          Propeller Manufacturers

          Stainless Marine Hardware

          Military Parts

          Military Replacement Parts

          Military Accessories

          Military And Police Equipments

          Military Belt Buckles

          Military Hardwares

          Military Hardware

          Military Supplies

          Military Vehicle Parts

          Hardware Manufacturers

          Aluminum Cables

          Coated Aluminum Coil

          Aluminum Containers

          Aluminum Mesh

          Ball Screws

          Bevel Gears

          Car Gears, Auto Gears

          Carrier Plates

          Custom Metal Products

          Decorative Hardware

          Fence Manufacturers

          Fire Hoses

          Flange Manufacturers

          GearBox, Gear Box Manufacturers

          Gear Manufacturing

          Gear Reducers

          Gear Suppliers

          Gratings Manufacturer

          grinding media

          Hex Head Cap Screws

          Hooks and Loop Fasteners

          Hook Manufacturers

          Knob Manufacturer

          Lag Screws

          Metal Meshes, Stainless Steel Meshes

          Metal Products Manufacturers

          Water Meter Part

          Metric Machine Screws


          Plastic Gears

          Precision Gears

          Coiled Gardening Hoses

          Screw Clamp

          Screw Clips

          SEMS Screws

          Sheet Metal Manufacturers

          Specialty Screw

          Spring Manufacturers

          Stainless Steel Fasteners

          Stainless Steel Manufacturers

          Stainless Steel Tubes

          Steam Trap Manufacturers

          Test Probes

          Transmission Gears

          Welding Alloy

          Wood Screws

          Worm Gears

          Zinc Alloys

          Window Hardware Manufacturer

          Pigeon Spikes

          Lifting Hooks

          Related Manufacturers

          Cheer Jingle Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of arcade game machines, mario game machines, pinball machines, poker game machines, crane machinery, basketball machines, decorative trims, game machine parts, game machine wires, game security device, coin hopper, coin selector, push button and switch locks / cam locks.

          Camsco Electric Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of electrical panel control components, electric meters, hour meter, timers, time switch, cam switches, auto lighters, buzzers, AC solenoids, push buttons, bus bar insulators, wiring accessory, cable lugs, counters, panel meters, digital multimeters digital clamp meter, hoist (snap, floatless, micro, limit) switches, circuit breakers, terminal blocks, relays, warning lights, emergency exit light, temperature controllers, alarm bells, sirens, cam switch, cable crimping tools & cable cutters, ter...

          Ming Rong Hardware Co., Ltd.

          Our product lines including (1) clothing accessories- clothing buttons, press snap fastener, rivet, eyelet, button for cap, prong snap button, magnetic button, sewing button, plastic snap button, clothing hook, jeans button, shoe hook, metal ring & buckle, decorative button, military buckle, belt buckles, magnetic button, pin button, purse frame. (2) underwear accessories- bra slider, bra hook, bra ring & oval ring. (3) fashion accessories- scarf with shining pieces, flake, bead, lace. (4) furniture hardwar...

          Asmith Manufacturing Company

          Manufacturer of industrial hardware, machine tool parts & accessories- (1) hinges- piano, butt, lift-off, concealed, cansild hinges, stainless steel door/ window/ furniture/ cabinet/ kichen hinges. (2) door latches & locks for panels- panel latches, compression latches, pawl/ cam latches & locks, paddle latches, door latch locks, regulate posts, door controls, door lock sets. (3) draw latches- lift-and-raise/ line latchs, draw catches, T handle draw latches. (4) leveling glides for legs. (5) handles- round-...

          Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.

          electrical connections- (1) cable assembly ( assemblies)-RF coaxial cable assemblies, USB cable assemblies, SATA cable assembly, power cable assembly, wire harness, wiring harnesses, infiniband 4x/8x/12x cable assembly. (2) electrical connectors- board to board connectors, wire to board connectors, Serial ATA connector, ODD connectors, SAS connector, LVDS connectors, backplane connectors, friction headers, compression header, shrouded headers, PCB connectors, USB & mini USB connector, media bay connector, D...

          Camsco Electric Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of electrical panel control components, electric meters, hour meter, timers, time switch, cam switches, auto lighters, buzzers, AC solenoids, push buttons, bus bar insulators, wiring accessory, cable lugs, counters, panel meters, digital multimeters digital clamp meter, hoist (snap, floatless, micro, limit) switches, circuit breakers, terminal blocks, relays, warning lights, emergency exit light, temperature controllers, alarm bells, sirens, cam switch, cable crimping tools & cable cutters, ter...

          Yomura Technologies Inc.

          Manufacturer of injection molding parts and tools- overmolding, double injection, in mold decoration, insert molding, two shot injection molding, silicon injection molding, precision injection, medical molding, electronic manufacturing service, TPE handle, spoon, hinge, camera and cellular ( mobile) phone case, PDA case, notebook case, dental parts.

          Jinn Yah Metals Co., Ltd.

          A leading manufacturer of wheel covers, CCD LED clocks, vents & reading lamps, room lights, tail lamps, head lamps, marker lamps, switches, connectors, breaker arms, seat fabrics, rearview mirrors, grab handles & paddle handles, ashtray & magazine nets, supports, hardwares & hinges, mirror arms, sun-visors & roller blinds, roof hatches, ventilators, ornamentations, seats & lavatory, ceiling lightings, luggage racks, transport floor coverings, metal and plastic parts, electrical appliances, electric fans, ir...

          Jam-Yuam Enterprises Co., Ltd.

          plastic & aluminum window hardware, door hardware- curtain wall, aluminum alloy products, aluminum window hardware, architecture materials, construction materials, arm-stopper, bearing rollers, auto locking handles, building fittings, architecture accessory/ accessories, building/ architecture hardware, butterfly/ door hinge, curtain wall fittings, fittings for doors, window fittings, friction hinges, furniture hardware, operating handles, hardware fittings for doors, hardware for windows, curtain wall hard...


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