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          Zhupiter : B2B Directory for Sourcing Taiwan & China Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters.

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          Home Appliances

          Listings of Home Appliances Manufacturers & Home Appliances Suppliers

          Micro Burner


          Snack Food

          Headrest Monitors

          Noodle Manufacturers

          Car Mat

          Brake Pads


          Micro Torches

          Mens Shoes

          Air Cleaners

          Air Freshener Dispensers

          Air Purifier Manufacturers

          Cabin Air Filters

          CO2 Monitor Manufacturers

          CO2 Sensors

          Ozone Purifiers

          Ozonizer Manufacturers

          Fan Manufacturers

          Air Flow Fans

          Battery Operate Fans

          Case Fans

          Catalyst Fans

          Ceiling Fans

          Ceiling Fan Blades

          Desk Fans

          Electric Fans

          Exhaust Fan Manufacturer

          Exhaust Fan Manufacturers

          Fan Blades

          Fan Guards

          Flow Cross Fans

          Industrial Ceiling Fans

          Mini Fans

          Stand Fans

          Wall Fans

          Air Conditioner Manufacturer

          Air Conditioner Parts

          Air Conditioning Equipments

          Air Conditioning Systems

          Air Conditioning Filter

          Air Conditioning Heating

          Air Conditioning Parts

          Air Conditioning Units

          Air Conditioning Vents

          Air Cooler Manufacturers

          Air Heaters

          Automatic Hand Dryers

          Carbon Heaters

          Cooler Manufacturers

          Cooling Devices

          Electric Heaters

          Mobile Air Conditioner Manufacturers

          Portable Air Conditioner Manufacturer

          Refrigerant Manufacturers

          Refrigeration Air Conditioning

          Refrigeration Manufacturers

          Home Water Treatment

          Drinking Water Machines

          Reverse Osmosis Installations

          Reverse Osmosis Manufacturer

          Reverse Osmosis Systems

          RO Membranes

          RO System Manufacturer

          Water Chillers

          Water Filter Cartridges

          Water Filtration Systems

          Water Heater Manufacturers

          Water Heater Manufacturer

          Water Purifier Sterilizer Manufacturers

          Water Softeners

          Water Softener Manufacturers

          Water Softener Purifier Manufacturers

          Air Dryers

          Coffee Grinders

          Espresso Machines

          Food Grinder

          Gas Barbecue Grills

          Gas Water Heater Manufacturers

          Halogen Heaters

          Heat Pumps

          Household Appliance Manufacturers

          Household Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers



          Humidifier Manufacturers

          Infrared Heaters

          Insect Killer

          Juicer Manufacturers

          Pneumatic Filters

          Solar Water Heaters

          Spin Dryers

          Towel Warmers

          Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers

          Water Bottle Manufacturers

          Water Coolers

          Drinking Water Fountain

          Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

          Houseware Products

          Ice Buckets

          Insect Killers

          Juice Manufacturers

          Kitchen Furniture Manufacturers

          Kitchen Knife Manufacturers

          Kitchen Range Hoods

          kitchen Tablewares

          Kitchens Utensils Manufacturers

          Kitchen Utensil

          Knife Manufacturer

          Metal Wine Racks

          Mirror Manufacturers

          Mouse Traps

          Napkin Manufacturers

          Pitcher Manufacturers

          Plastic Tumblers

          Range Hood Filters, Hood Filters

          Scouring Pads

          Shiatsu Massagers

          Sleeping Bag Manufacturers

          Slipper Manufacturers

          Soap Dispenser Manufacturers

          Space Saving Bags, Space Saver Bag

          Stainless Steel Water Tanks

          Storage Bins

          Storage Tanks

          Table Cloth Manufacturers

          Tablecloth Manufacturers

          Toilet Fixtures

          Towel Manufacturers


          Vacuum Flasks


          Wine Rack Manufacturers

          Kitchen Appliances

          Bread Slicers

          Coffee Pot

          Convection Steamers

          Cooker Hoods

          Cooker Manufacturers

          Cooking Mixers


          Dishwasher Manuafcturers

          Egg Beater

          Electric Cooker Manufacturers

          Electric Kettles

          Electric Steamers

          Fermentation Containers

          Flexible Straws

          Food Mixers

          Food Steamer

          Gas Cooker Manufacturers

          Gas Grill

          Gas Ignitions

          Gas Ignition Control

          Gas Steamer

          Gas Stove Manufacturers

          Grease Filters

          kitchen Appliance Manufacturers

          Kitchen Manufacturers

          Digital Kitchen Scales

          Manual Citrus Juicers

          Pressure Cookers

          Range Hood Filter

          Range Hood Manufacturers

          Rice Cooker Manufacturer

          Thermo Pot

          Toaster Oven

          Wine Coolers

          Wine Rack

          Yogurt Makers

          Apple Peeler

          Bar Sets

          Barbecue Suppliers

          Barbecue Tools

          Buffet Servers

          Butter Knives

          Cast Iron Cookwares

          Chocolate Fondue Fountain

          Chopping Board Manufacturers

          Coffee Cup Manufacturers

          Convection Oven Manufacturers

          Cooking Pots

          Cooking Utensils

          Cooking Utensil

          Cookware Manufacturers


          Cutlery Manufacturers

          Cutting Board Manufacturers

          Dish Dryers

          Electric Can Openers

          Electric Knives

          Flexible Chopping Mats

          Food Strainers


          Frying Pans

          Glass Cutting Boards

          Glass Storage Jars

          Grain Mills

          Ice Cream Scoops

          Ice Crushers

          Induction Cookers

          Infrared Stoves

          Kitchen Accessory

          Kitchen Accessory Manufacturers

          Kitchen Cupboards

          Kitchen Knife

          Kitchen Sinks

          Kitchen Sink Manufacturers

          kitchen Tools

          kitchen Towel

          kitchen Towels

          Kitchenware Exporters

          Kitchenware Manufacturers

          Knife Manufacturers

          Meat Tenderizers

          Meat Tenderizer

          Microwave Ovens

          Pepper Mill

          Sandwich Makers

          Silicone Kitchen Products

          Slow Cooker Manufacturer

          Soybean Milk Makers

          Steak Knives

          Sushi Tray

          Tableware Manufacturers

          Ceramic Mug

          Ceramic Tableware

          China Dinnerware

          Coffee Mug

          Dinnerware Manufacturers

          Paper Disposable Tableware

          Glass Vases

          Glassware Manufacturers

          Glassware Products

          Glasswares Wholesale

          kitchen Tableware

          Marble Products

          Menu Manufacturers

          Plastic Cup Manufacturers

          Plastic Spoons

          Plastic Tableware

          Plastic Tumbler Manufacturers

          Households Manufacturers

          Alcohol Manufacturers


          Barbecue Equipments

          Barbecue Grill Manufacturers

          Barbecue Manufacturers

          Bath Body Supply

          Bath Brushes

          Bath Gloves

          Bath Sponges

          BBQ Grill Manufacturers

          Biodegradable Products

          Bottle Stoppers

          Ceramic Mug Manufacturers

          Ceramic Tablewares

          Chopping Boards

          Cleaning Products

          Coffee Mug Manufacturers

          Coffee Pots, Coffee Jug

          Compression Bag

          Cutting Boards

          Dairy Products Manufacturers

          Dishwasher Manufacturers

          Drink Manufacturers

          Drinking Water Dispensers

          Earthenware Manufacturers, Earthenware Manufacturing

          Egg Beaters

          Fireplace Tool Manufacturers

          Fireplace Manufacturers

          Floor Mat

          Gas Grill Manufacturers

          Glassware Manufacturer

          Household Item Manufacturers

          Houseware Manufacturers


          PDA Manufacturers

          Power Quality Meters

          Pillow Manufacturer

          Pipe Clips

          Roll Bags

          Plastic Tubing

          PTFE Tubes

          Industrial Hose Reels

          Insulating Tapes

          Coin Counters

          Body Slim Manufacturers

          Hunting Equipment

          Rubber Hose Manufacturers

          Fuse Cutouts

          Insulation Tapes


          Transient Voltage Suppressors

          Ankle Supports

          Imprinted Golf Balls

          Arm Braces

          Skate Shoes

          Steel Molds

          Related Manufacturers

          Yuyao Hengwei Check Hoop Co., Ltd.

          We provide many types of stainless steel hose clamps, such as American/ Germany/ Euro/ France type, wire hose clamps, faster liner type clamps, AC clamps, fire clamps, hydraulic hoses, hose fittings, pipes clamps, industrial hose, quick clamps, clamp tubes, pipe clamp fittings, pipe clamp tools, pipe clips, hose clips, clamp clip, fixing clamps, T bolt hose clamp, high strength clamps, expansion adapters, V-bands heavy duty clamps, throbbing clamps, repair clamps, and etc.

          Shinn Tay Rubber Co., Ltd.

          auto parts, auto part, automotives ( automobiles, cars , vehicles, autos) accessory ( accessories), rubber & plastic components, rubber materials supply ( supplies)- custom rubber part, custom rubber parts, rubber balls & belts, rubber compounds & rollers, rubber sheet & straps, rubber strips, rubber belt, neoprene belts & sheets, neoprene products, v belt, pump parts, SBR & NBR, foam rubbers, sponge rubbers, foam rollers, foam pads, foam products, rubber tiles, silicone rubber tubes & hoses, dust covers, g...

          Taiwan Pu Corporation

          We are your polyurethane factories in Taiwan and China. Our products including (1) casting CPU- PU casting elastomer prepolymer, printing roller material, MOCA, PU sealing resin, doming PU & epoxy, room coating elastomer, room tempt PU casting elastomer, urethane rubber. (2) TPU granules. (3) PU adhesives & hot-melt- solvent-based TPU, TDI based TPU, hot-melt TPU, moisture reactive PUR, water-based PU, hardener additive. (4) tube & hose- PU spiral tube, PU tube, PU braided tube, high pressure hose, Teflon t...

          Benign Enterprise Co. Ltd.

          * Precision lathes
          * Heavy duty lathes
          * Milling machines
          * CNC bed mills
          * Machining centers
          * Boring mills
          * Grinders (Surface, cylindrical)
          * Bandsaws
          * Drilling machines
          * Hydraulic press brakes
          * Guillotine shears
          * Woodworking machines (DIY & Industrial)
          * Machine tools Accessories & Precision tools
          * OEM Components (Stamping, Plastic Injection, Aluminum Extrusion, Casting, etc..)
          * Air tools
          * ...

          Uno Resourcing Inc.

          Manufacturer of pneumatic & air power tools such as (1)air impact ( ratchet) wrenches, air sanders, air drills, air grinders, riveters, needle scaler & flux chippers, electric screwdrivers, air nailer & staplers, spray guns, air brushes, air filter regulator & lubricators, auto body tools, air chipping hammers, air hoses, spring balancers. (2) oilless mini air compressors, vertical & silence air compressors, belt-driven compressors. (3) single stage cast iron pumps.(4) check safety and unloading valves, dr...

          Zhejiang Hengda Electric Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

          (1) surge arrestors- metal oxide surge arrester, Polymer housed surge arrester, Porcelain housed surge arresters, lightning arresters. (2) varisors- zinc oxide varistor, metal oxide varisors. (3) composite insulators- suspension composite insulator, line post insulators. (4) fuse cutouts- expulsion fuse cutout, Polymer housed fuse cutouts, drop-out fuse. (5) disconnecting switches.

          Goodwell Electric Corporation

          Manufacturer of cable accessories such as (1) under ground cable accessory- loadbreak elbow connectors, loadbreak junctions, loadbreak protective caps, deadbreak elbow connectors, cable splices. (2) over voltage protections- polymer surge arresters. (3) over current protections- fuse cutouts, fuse link, power fuse mountings. (4) street light switches, disconnection switches and polymer insulators, vacuum switches, gas insulated switches. (5) outdoor line post insulators- cycloaliphatic resin bushings and in...


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