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          Optical & Photography Equipment

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          Related Manufacturers

          Fon-Star International Technology Inc.

          Manufacturer of injection mould tooling and plastic injection molding, such as (1) precise injection molds- molds for high volume, hi-speed production, thin wall, LCD lamp frame core / cavity side, digital camera front cases, molds with gas assisted injection, molds with complex hot runner systems, two colours keypads for car internal, molds with in-mould / inlay decoration, olds for optical parts, mold makers, automotives products and accessories. (2) plastic sample- (consumer, mobile panels, computers, 3C...

          Hao Shuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

          Manufacture and exporter of (1) PDA stylus and accessory, smart phone & touch panel stylus. (2) stubby & rubber ( cell phone, OEM, ODM, 2.4 Ghz, GSM, car) antennas. (3) cell flash stickers & clips. (4) infrared wireless & Bluetooth keyboards, PDA joysticks & chargers, hot sync cables, GPS receiver solutions. (5) solar LED indicator flashers & portable table lamps. (6) telecommunication & networking products, computer peripherals, wireless LAN antennas, PC security products, webcam, card readers. (7) solar L...

          APM Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of wireless antennas and other RF transmission devices, including (1) antennas- base station antennas, dual band 2.4/5.8GHz antennas, 2.4/ 3.5/ 5.0GHz antennas, 11N directional mimo panel antennas, GMS/CDMA/GPS antennas, rubber antennas. (2) wireless access point- wireless surveillance solution, outdoor mesh, 5.8GHz & 2.5GHz & 2.3GHz wireless system, 2.4GHz outdoor & indoor wireless system, VoIP gateway solution. (3) RF amplifiers. (4) wireless accessories- splitter, surge protector, poe, RF co...

          Amaoto Industrial Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of super thin speaker, mid-range speaker, hi-fi speaker, car speaker, LCD monitor speakers, high output power miniature speaker, alnico & ferrite magnet paper cone speaker, P.P. cone speaker, oval type alnico & ferrite magnet low leakage flux speaker, general low leakage flux speaker for TV and audio, general low profile paper & mylar speaker, lower profile & miniature mylar speaker, notebook computer speaker, PC board mounting speaker, C.B. extension speaker, PA speaker, various headphone and ...

          Either Tech Co., Ltd.

          we provide optical and photographic equipments for die castings parts of single lens reflex cameras, cam gears, optic components. sintering parts of camera mount, machinery tool parts and others. metal removal machining parts of cams, OA machine parts and others. rubber parts, automobiles rubber parts of OA machines, medical instruments and others. press parts of camera related, mobile phone, motors and others. parts of projector exchangeable, exchangeable lens of SLR cameras. parts of compact printers. par...

          Topsonic Electronic Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of electronic parts and components, products include safety (surveillance) products- (1) LCD monitors, CRT monitors, TFT LCD monitors, TFT LCD displays, CCTV monitors, LCD flat panels, wireless monitors, extension waterproof cables, rack mounted monitors, LCD TFT color monitors, small LCD monitors. (2) gifts & promotional premiums- digital picture frames, digital photo album frames. (3) auto accessories- car rear view cameras, car security systems, rear vision cameras, control boxes, extension ...


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