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          Zhupiter : B2B Directory for Sourcing Taiwan & China Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters.

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          Packaging & Paper

          Listings of Packaging & Paper Manufacturers & Packaging & Paper Suppliers

          Gift Boxes

          Plastic Packaging Containers

          PET Jars

          PET Preform

          Carrier Bag Manufacturers

          Cement Bags

          Coffee Bag

          Custom Plastic Bags

          Food Storage Bags

          Grape Bags

          Industrial Bags

          Jumbo Bags

          Jute Bags

          Laminating Pouch Manufacturers

          Laminator Pouches

          Packaging Bags

          Plastic Bag Manufacturers

          Poly Bag Manufacturers

          Pouch Bags

          PP Woven Bags

          Rice Bag Manufacturers

          Seal Storage Bags

          Shrink Wrapping Bags

          Space Bags

          Space Saving Bags

          Stand Up Pouches

          Storage Bags

          Storage Space Bags

          Travel Space Bags

          Vacuum Bags

          Vacuum Pouches

          Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

          Vacuum Space Bags

          Blister Packagings

          Custom Vacuum Forming

          Plastic Vacuum Forming

          Vacuum Forming

          Aluminum Cases

          Beauty Cases

          Cookie Gift Boxes

          Cookie Packaging Boxes

          Gift Box Manufacturer

          Metal Cans

          Packaging Box Manufacturers

          Packaging Tin Boxes

          Packing Boxes

          Paper Boxes

          Plastic Boxes

          Plastic Case Manufacturers

          Saxophone Cases

          Storage Boxes

          Tin Cans

          Travel Cases

          Trumpet Cases

          Aluminum Containers

          Barrel Manufacturers

          Bottle Cap

          Container Manufacturers

          Disposable Food Containers

          Flexible Containers

          Food Container Manufacturers

          Glass Container Manufacturers

          Liquid Dispensers

          Perfume Atomizers

          Perfume Bottle Manufacturers

          Pet Bottles

          Plastic Bottles

          Plastic Containers

          Plastic Container Manufacturers

          Plastic Food Containers

          Plastic Lids

          Take Away Food Containers

          Cosmetic Bottle Manufacturers

          Cosmetic Containers

          Cosmetic Packagings

          Make Up Box

          Plastic Cosmetic Containers

          Skin Care Cosmetic Packaging

          Food Packagings

          Food Packaging Containers

          Food Wrap Films

          Paper Plates

          Plastic Food Packaging

          Vacuum Food Packaging

          Packaging Films

          Anti Fog Films

          Anti-Scratch Protective Films

          Anti-static Films

          BOPP Films

          Breathable Films

          Cling Films

          Cold Laminate Films

          CPP Films

          Film Manufacturers

          Heat Shrink Films

          Label Films

          Laminating Films

          Metalized Films

          OPP Films

          Outdoor Advertising Media

          PE Films

          PET Films

          Plastic Film Manufacturer

          Polyester Films

          Polyethylene Films

          Protection Films

          PVC Shrink Films

          Release Film

          Shrink Films

          Shrink Labels

          Stretch Films

          Stretch Film Manufacturers

          Thermal Ribbons

          TPU Films

          Vinyl Films

          Packaging Manufacturers

          Clamshell Packaging

          Corrugated Packagings

          Foam Packing Materials

          Gift Wrapping

          Gift Wrapping Supply

          Laminating Sheets

          Ornament Materials

          Packing Products

          Packing Manufacturers

          Polyethylene Manufacturers

          Shrink Packaging Manufacturers

          Technical Paper

          Packing Materials

          Antistatic Packaging Material

          Bubble Sheets

          Custom Labeling Packagings

          Electronic Packaging

          ESD Protection Packaging Materials

          Foam Packaging

          Holographic Foils

          IC Packaging

          Insulation Materials

          LED Packaging

          Medical Packagings

          Metallic Foils

          Plastic Corrugated Sheets

          Plastic Thermoformings

          Plastic Tray Manufacturers

          Plastic Vacuum Thermoformings

          PTFE Films

          Reflective Films

          Sealing Material

          Self Storage Manufacturers

          Semiconductor Packaging Material

          Strip Materials

          Transfer Foils

          Vacuum Packagings

          Wine Packaging

          Wrapping Paper Manufacturers

          POP Display

          Pallet Displays

          Sidekick Displays

          Standee Displays

          Automatic Tape Dispensers

          Better Pack Tape Dispensers

          Blade Tape Dispensers

          Cat Tape Dispensers

          Electric Tape Dispensers

          Electronic Tape Dispensers

          Gummed Tape Dispensers

          One Hand Tape Dispensers

          Label Dispensers

          Masking Tape Dispensers

          Packaging Tape Dispensers

          Packing Tape Dispensers

          Shipping Tape Dispensers

          Tape Dispenser Manufacturers

          Tape Guns

          Tape Manufacturers

          Adhesive Tape Manufacturers

          Anti Static Tapes

          Application Tapes

          Butyl Tapes

          Carrier Tapes

          Conductive Tapes

          Diaper Tape Manufacturers

          Double Coated Tapes

          Duct Tape Manufacturers

          Foam Tapes

          Gasket Tapes

          Industrial Tapes

          Insulating Tapes

          Insulation Tapes

          Kapton Tapes

          Label Tapes

          Masking Tape Manufacturers

          Metal Foil Tapes

          OPP Packing Tapes

          OPP Tape

          Packaging Tapes

          Packing Tapes

          Protection Tapes

          Protective Tapes

          Rubber Tapes

          Sealing Tapes

          Security Tapes

          Self Adhesive Tapes, Self Adhesive Film

          Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

          Specialty Tape

          Tape Measure Manufacturers

          Teflon Tapes

          Velcro Tapes

          Video Tape Manufacturers

          Warning Tapes

          Bag Sealers

          Blister Packaging

          Bottle Cap Manufacturers

          Cartoning Machines

          Case Erectors

          Crate Packers

          Cup Sealers

          Custom Vacuum Formings

          EMI Shieldings

          Flexible Packagings

          Impulse Sealers

          Insulation Material

          Labeling Equipments

          Laminated Films

          Laminating Pouches

          Measuring Tapes

          OPP Tape Manufacturers

          Package Materials

          Packaging Boxes

          Packing Material

          Perfume Bottle

          Pharmaceutical Packaging

          Plastic Packaging Manufacturers

          Polyethylene Films, Protective Films

          Portable Sealers

          PVC Films

          Rice Bags

          Sealers, Sealing Machines

          Sealing Machines

          Shrinks Wrapping Bags

          Specialty Tapes, Conductive Tapes

          Vacuum Packaging

          Vacuum Storage Bags

          Polyester Film

          Related Manufacturers

          Mae Mae Color Printing Co., Ltd.

          printing & publishing products- PVC contractile sleeves, hot stamping foils, notices, commercial & poster printing, PP sheet & board printings, rotary screen printing, custom silk screen & post card printings, business card & brochure printings, full color printings, catalog & color flyer full printings, pad printings, envelope & calendar printings, computer poster & sublimate transfer printing, water & air transfer printings, digital textile & fabric printings, custom sticker & plastic card printings, book...

          ABBA Tape Technology Corp.

          packing ( packaging) materials, special packaging & industrial tapes ( tape) supply ( supplies)- (1) application tapes and films- clear PECP ( OPP) application tapes, application film with liner. (2) laminating- cold laminate ( lamination, laminating, laminated) films, over-laminating, matte/ luminous OPP laminating tapes, holographic tapes, screen OPP laminating tapes, noiseless laminating films. (3) electronic tapes- low sticky YVN song Zhuan Zhe films, electric conductance no base material tapes, PET shi...

          Meta Tex Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd.

          professional metallic yarns manufacturer- metallic yarn, glitter, hot stamping foil, transferable film, transfer foil, hologram film, metalized films, metallized Ployester films, vacuum metaaized film, gold thread, golden thread string, holographic foils.

          Sunfix Industrial Co., Ltd.

          pvc leather

          Shanghai Hanli Printing Co., Ltd.

          transfer foil, thermal transfer printing foils.

          Golden Mechanical Ind. Co., Ltd.

          engaged in the manufacturing of high quality laminator, trimmer and a variety of films- (1) paper trimmer ( cutter)- rotary trimmers, paper cutter trimmer, paper guillotines, laminator, arm trimmers. (2) laminated films, roll films, cold lamination ( laminating) films, laminating pouches, color ( colour) transfer foils, transferring foils, transferable films. (3) corner punches & rounders.


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