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          Zhupiter : B2B Directory for Sourcing Taiwan & China Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters.

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          Personal Care Products

          Listings of Personal Care Products Manufacturers & Personal Care Products Suppliers

          Manicure Set

          Hair Brushes

          Hair Color Cream

          Skin Care Products


          Baby Bath Supplies

          Baby Diapers

          Dental Flosses

          Bath Towel


          Wet Wipes

          Other Personal Care Products

          Furniture Screws

          Construction Screws

          Chipboard Screws

          Door Bolts

          Computer Peripherals

          Precision Coils

          Phone Jacks

          Bicycle Air Pumps

          Precision Resistors

          Wall Plates

          Spirometer Manufacturers

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          MTB Frames

          Acetal Copolymers

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          Homedics Massagers

          AC Capacitors

          Bicycle Carbon Frames

          Shopping Bag Manufacturers

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          Digital Video Recording Systems

          Camera Bags

          Blood Pressure Monitors

          Peak Flow Meters

          Modular Plugs

          Related Manufacturers

          Ko Shin Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of electronic and power tools, including demolition hammers, power drills, hammer drills, saw blades & nails, die grinder, variable speed jig saw, dry cutter, finishing sander, sander, polisher, tile base laminate trimmer, impact wrench, router, circular saw, reciprocating saw, groove cutter, concrete vibrator, mixer, cut off saw, miter saw, custom screws, and so forth.

          Machan Steel Furniture Co., Ltd.

          hand tool ( handtools)-(1) steel office furniture- top & middle chests, rool cabinets, carry & tool chests, carry & hip rool tool boxes. (2) work tools- service carts, multimedia & heavy duty mobile work stations, heavy duty top chests & workbenches, roller cabinets & 2 drawer chests, mobile work stations, tool set, magnetic screwdriver holders, multi magnetic side handing trays, deluxe magnetic spray gun & hose holders, magnetic parts bowls, round magnetic tool creepers, magnetic tool racks, non slip liner...

          Long Hwa Screw Works Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of long screws, including chipboard screws, concrete screws, drilling screws, distance screws, bi-metal & bi-mixed screws, special screws, self-drilling screws, head & wafer head screws, hex head screws, hexagon washers, serration screws, conical washers, drill point screws, thread types screws, EPDM washers, cylinder head screws, flat head screw with nibs, full & double thread screw, sharp & diamond & spoon point screw, OEM, ODM, and so on.

          Bi-Mirth Corp.

          We provide long machine screws, construction screws, bent bolts, tapping & thread cutting & foaming screws, wooden building fasteners, chip board screws, metal fastener, self tapping & drilling screws, screw coatings, eye & stainless steel screws, car & electronics fastener, trivalent blue chromate hardware, alloy plating fastener, anchor nuts, zinc nickel alloy plating & mechanically zinc plated, surface treatments, fastener solutions, super long screws, special screw, computer screw & nuts, OEM & ODM, etc...


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