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          Zhupiter : B2B Directory for Sourcing Taiwan & China Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters.

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          Listings of Telecommunications Manufacturers & Telecommunications Suppliers

          Antenna Manufacturer

          2.4 GHz Antennas

          5.8 GHz Antennas

          802.11 Antennas

          Active Antennas

          AM Antennas

          Am Antenna Design

          Am Fm Antennas

          Antenna Boosters

          Antenna Rotators

          Antenna Splitters

          Antenna Towers

          Base Antennas

          Base Station Antennas

          Blue Tooth Antennas

          Bluetooth Antennas

          Broadband WiFi Antennas

          Car Antennas

          CB Antennas

          Cell Phone Antennas

          Cell Phone Flashing Antennas

          Cellular Antennas

          Cellular Phones Antennas

          Cordless Phones Antennas

          Dipole Antennas

          Directional Antennas

          Dish Antennas

          Dual Band Antennas

          DVB Antennas

          DVB T Antennas

          Electronics Antenna Manufacturers

          External Antennas

          Flashing Antennas

          Flat Panel Antennas

          FM Antenna Designs

          Fm Antennas

          Grid Antennas

          Ground Plane Antennas

          GSM Antennas

          Ham Radio Antennas

          HDTV Antennas

          Indoor Antennas

          Internal Antenna Manufacturers

          Log Periodic Antennas

          Loop Antennas

          Mobile Antenna Manufacturers

          Omni Antennas

          Outdoor Antennas

          Outdoor TV Antennas

          Outdoor Wireless Antennas

          Parabolic Antennas

          Patch Panel Antennas

          Radio Antennas

          RF Antennas

          Satellite Antenna Manufacturers

          Satellite Dish Antennas

          Satellite Dish Manufacturers

          Sector Antennas

          Sirius Antennas

          Television Antenna Design

          TV Antenna Design

          TV Antenna Manufacturers

          Two Way Radio Antenna

          UHF Antennas


          WiFi Antennas

          WiMax Antennas

          Wireless Antennas

          Wireless Broadband Antennas

          Wireless High Gain Antennas

          Wireless Network Antennas

          Wireless Phone Antennas

          WLAN Antennas

          GPS XM Antennas

          Yagi Antennas

          Bluetooth Manufacturers

          Blue Tooth Modules

          Blue Tooth Adapters

          Bluetooth Car Kits

          Bluetooth Dongle

          Bluetooth Earphones

          Bluetooth GPS Receivers

          Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits

          Bluetooth Headset Manufacturers

          Bluetooth Keyboards

          Bluetooth Mirror Hands Free Car Kits

          Bluetooth Mouses

          Bluetooth Transmitter

          Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

          Wireless Bluetooth

          GPS Manufacturer

          CF GPS

          DVB T GPS Systems

          GPS Active Antennas

          GPS Antenna Manufacturer

          GPS Engine Boards

          GPS Fleet Management Systems

          GPS Modules

          GPS Mouses

          GPS Mouse Receivers

          GPS Radiators

          GPS Receiver Manufacturer

          GPS Tracking Manufacturer

          Personal Trackers

          Vehicle Tracking Systems

          GPS Navigation Systems

          AVL Systems

          Car Navigators

          Dielectric Resonators

          GPS Data Logger

          Magellan Gps

          Marine Navigation Systems

          Navigation PDA

          Portable GPS Systems

          Serial GPRS

          Mobile Phones

          Car Hands Free Kits

          Cell Phone Antenna Boosters

          Leather Cell Phone Cases

          Cell Phone Chargers

          Cell Phone Charms

          Cell Phone Hands Free

          Cell Phone Holders

          Cell Phone Manufacturers

          Cell Phone Pouches

          Cellular Manufacturings

          Cellular Phone Cases Manufacturers

          Cellular Phone Headsets

          Cellular Phone Manufacturers

          Crystal Cases

          Fixed Wireless Phones

          GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals

          Mobile Hand Free Manufacturers

          Cell Phone Accessory

          Mobile Phone Accessory Manufacturers

          Mobile Phone Connectors

          Mobile Phone Holders

          Mobile Phone Manufacturers

          Mobile Phone Parts

          Mobile Terminals

          Phone charms

          SIM Card Management

          SIM Cards

          Wireless Cell Phones

          Wireless Phone Headsets

          Networking Hubs

          56K Modems

          Adapter Ethernet Powerline

          ADSL Providers

          ADSL Routers

          ADSL Splitters

          ADSL2+ Wireless Router

          ADSL2+ Powerline Router

          ADSL2+ Router

          Audio Conferencing Systems

          Bridge Manufacturers

          Wireless Broadband Routers

          Cable Modems

          Ceramic Ferrules

          Communication Equipments

          Cross Connect Systems

          Data Communications

          Digital Video Broadcasting

          DSL Modem Routers

          DVB T Manufacturer

          Ethernet Adapters

          Ethernet Bridges

          Ethernet Cards

          External Fax Modems

          Fax Modems

          Fiber Optic Distribution Frames

          Fiber Optic Multiplexer

          FTTH, Fiber to the Home

          Fiber Transceiver

          Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

          GDS Systems

          Gigabit Ethernets

          Internal Fax Modems

          Internal Modem

          Internet Cameras

          IP over TDM

          IP PBX

          ISDN Adapters

          ISDN Modems

          ISDN Routers

          LAN Cable Manufacturer

          LAN Testers

          Network Cable Connectors

          Network Cabling

          Network Hardwares

          Network Interface Cards

          Network Routers

          Network Test Equipment

          Power Line Networking

          Sip Phones

          SIP VoIP

          Skype Boxes

          Skype Gateways

          Switching Hub Manufacturers

          USB Internet Phones

          Voice Over Internet Protocol

          Voice Over IP Phone

          VOIP Equipments

          Voip Products

          VOIP ATA

          Voip Gateway

          Voip Phone

          VoIP Phones

          Voip Providers

          Voip Solutions

          VoIP Switching

          Voip Systems

          Voip Wireless Routers

          VPN Gateways

          Wireless Data Acquisition Modules

          Wireless Hotspots

          Wireless Receivers

          Wireless Sensor Networks

          Wireless Serial Servers

          Wireless Solution

          3G Repeaters

          Alphanumeric Pagers

          Cable TV

          Call Accounting System

          Car Boosters

          Card Payphones

          Cable TV Equipment

          CATV Filters

          CATV Modulators

          CATV Systems

          Cell Phone Repeaters

          Custom Leather Cell Phone Cases

          Data Transmission Manufacturer

          Digital Loop Subscribers

          Digital Satellite Receiver Manufacturers

          Dual Band Repeaters

          DVB T Receiver

          EDR Dongles

          Emitter Manufacturers

          Ethernet Media Converter

          Fiber Optic Repeater

          Fixed Cellular Terminals

          Fixed Wireless Terminals

          GSM Fixed Cellular Terminals

          GSM Gateway

          GSM Manufacturers

          GSM Repeaters

          GSM Terminals

          International Phone Card

          International Phone Rate

          International Prepaid Phone Card

          Outdoor Repeater

          PABX Systems


          Pager Systems

          Phone Card

          Phone Transmitters

          Power Dividers

          Prepaid Card

          Two Way Radio Accessories

          RF Amplifiers

          RF Components

          RF Repeaters

          Satellite Receiver Manufacturers

          SiP Assembling

          Skype Phones

          Skype USB Phones

          Telecom Cables

          Text Messages

          TV Splitters

          Voice Loggers

          Voice Logging Recorders

          Voice Logging Systems

          Walkie Talkie

          Walkie Talkie Headsets

          Wireless Tour Guide Systems

          Telephone manufacturers

          Caller Id Phones

          Cell Phone Straps

          Cellular PBX

          Coin Payphones

          DECT Phones

          Digital Answering Machines

          Digital PBX

          Feature Phones

          GSM Phones

          Home PBX

          International Calling Cards

          IP PABX

          ISDN Phones

          Phone Key Systems

          Mobile Phone Covers

          Office PBX

          PABX Phone Systems


          Payphone Equipment

          Payphone Manufacturers


          PBX Equipments

          PBX Phone Systems

          PBX Security

          PBX Software

          PC PBX

          Phone Call Recorders

          Phone Connectors

          Phone Conversation Recorder

          Phone Jack Manufacturers

          Phone PABX

          Phone PBX

          Phone Systems

          SIP PBX

          Skype Exchanges

          Small Office PBX

          Small PBX

          Soho PBX

          Switch PBX

          Telecom Connectors

          Telecommunication Test Equipment

          Telephone Cables

          Two Way Radio

          USB Phones

          Video Phones

          VoIP Exchanges

          VOIP PBX

          VOIP PBX Systems

          Wireless Headset Manufacturer

          Wireless Pbx

          Wireless Phones

          Wireless LAN Manufacturers

          802.11 Suppliers

          Access Point WiFi

          IEEE 802.11

          RS232 WLAN

          Transmitter Manufacturers

          Wireless Access Point Manufacturers

          Wireless Access Point Bridges

          Wireless Adapters

          Wireless Data Communications

          Wireless Gateways

          Wireless Internet Camera

          WLAN Adapter

          Wireless Lan Cards

          Wireless Local Loops

          Wireless Modems

          Wireless PABX System

          Wireless PCI Adapters

          Wireless Routers

          Wlan Access Points

          Wlan Cards

          WLANs Provider

          Wlan Routers

          Telecommunication Equipments

          2.4 Ghz Antenna

          3D Holograms


          Antenna Manufacturers

          CCTV Equipments

          CCTV Systems

          Cellular Phone Accessories

          Clipart Megaphones

          Digital Satellite Receivers

          Fiber Optic Transceivers

          Fiber Optical Cables

          Housing Manufacturers

          IP PBXs

          LAN Cables

          Multimedias Communication Systems

          Optical Components

          Optoelectronic Components

          Payphone Parts

          PBX Manufacturers


          Phone Parts Manufacturers

          RF Transmitters

          Satellite Dishs

          Satellite Dishes


          Satellite Receivers

          Telecom Equipments

          Telecommunication Manufacturers

          Toslink Cables

          Travel Converters

          TV Antennas

          TV Tuners

          Universal Remotes

          USB Bluetooth Dongles

          USB PCMCIA

          Video Baluns

          Video Surveillance Equip.


          Wireless Antenna

          Wireless Headphones

          Wireless Keyboards and Mouse

          Lans Access Points

          Lan Adapters

          Wireless PCs To TVs

          Wireless Adapter, Wireless USB Adapters

          MIMO Antennas

          Quad Band Antennas

          Related Manufacturers

          Wiphone Communiation Corp.

          telecommunication equipment, telecommunication equipments- (1) DECT phone, DECT phones- DECT headests & ear phones, DECT featrue & standard phones. (2) GPS, GPSs- GPS PDAs, GPS macro automatic vehicle & personal locators, GPS car navigation, GPS car navigations, car navigation system, solutions and boxes, dect headsets, GPS data loggers, GPS receiver with Bluetooth, Car digital set top boxes, GPS receivers, car mounted GPS, car mounted navigators, rear view mirror navigators, rear view mirror GPSs, GPS Blue...

          Jing Hae Enterprise Co., Ltd.

          gift ( giftware), stationery supply ( supplies)- (1) traditional products- DIY products, KD containers, clean holders, ring binders, clip files, photo albums, CD storages, data holders. (2) home products- roller bags holders, cup holders, long sticks. (3) magazine holders, CD holders & boxes ( cases). (4) electronic ( electrical, electric) computer peripherials products & equipments- VoIP phones, Skype phone handset, IP phones, telephone gateways, USB & LAN phones, VoIP providers.

          Best Rico Enterprise Co., Ltd.

          electronics components & parts- (1) RF & coaxial cable assemblies. (2) network cables- 2 ways HDMI switches, 4 ways HDMI switches, coaxial tool kits, fiber optic tool kits, Germany ADSL filters, Germany ADSL filters, HDMI cables, HDMI repeaters, patch cords, UK ADSL splitters, USB extenders, WiFi and spy finders, electrical connectors, cat 5e, cat 6 LAN cables, patch cords, HDM, USB, video & audio ( AV) & custom cables, USB data, RCA, DVI, KVM, wireless, ADSL & VDSL splitters, ADSL surge protections, ISDN s...

          Tele Tong Enterprise Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of telephone accessories & assemblies- patch panels, keystone jack, surface mount boxes, PCB connector, in-line couplers, telephone & hand set wires, joints, fiber optic cables & connectors, patch cords & cable, wall plates, computer cable, 15P 15C plugs & jacks, ADSL & XDSL filters, French plug to French jack & an America modular jack, retractable telephone cores, skype VOIP & PSTN gateway box.

          Xport Co., Ltd.

          electronic ( electrical, electric) computer peripherials products & equipments- VoIP phone, VoIP phones, Skype boxes ( cases), hands free speaker phones, mobile ( cell, cellular) ear phones, MP3 & MP4 earphones, PC ( computer) earphones, metal ear buds, neck strap accessory ( accessories).

          Shenzhen Wisecom Technology Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of telecommunications products, include Skype exchange, Skype gateway, voip exchange, VoIP & Skype switches, wireless USB phones, USB voip ATA, Skype phone, Skype ATA, Skype adapter, USB adapter, Skype pbx, USB gateway, USB voip gateway, voip box, dual phone, VoIP ITA, intelligent VoIP gateway, recording device, 4 line Skype exchange, Skype device, VoIP ITA, Skype diverter, USB VoIP diverters.

          Jing Hae Enterprise Co., Ltd.

          gift ( giftware), stationery supply ( supplies)- (1) traditional products- DIY products, KD containers, clean holders, ring binders, clip files, photo albums, CD storages, data holders. (2) home products- roller bags holders, cup holders, long sticks. (3) magazine holders, CD holders & boxes ( cases). (4) electronic ( electrical, electric) computer peripherials products & equipments- VoIP phones, Skype phone handset, IP phones, telephone gateways, USB & LAN phones, VoIP providers.

          Edimax Technology Co., Ltd.

          networking solutions for SOHO & enterprises- wireless 3G broadband routers, ADSL modem routers, access point, wireless LAN ( wlan) antenna, indoor/outdoor antennas, omni/directional hi-gain antenna, wireless LAN client devices, VoIP gateway for skype, print server, wireless 802.11b/g/n projector server, ip cameras, network attached storages, fast ethernet switches, fast ethernet PCI card, load balancing router, HomePlug, powerline ( power line) ethernet adapters, fiber media converters, usb hubs & cardbus, ...

          Justec International Technology Inc.

          computer products & PC peripheral, parts & accessory ( accessories), telecommunication & networking products & equipments- GPS bluetooth ( blue tooth) & receivers & smart receivers, ADSL USB modems, ADSL routers & wireless routers, LAN & NIC cards, 56K fax & internal modems, 56K USB modems, ADSL modem routers, ADSL modems, switch hubs, SOHO & enterprise switches, VOIP phones & routers & gateway, IP DSLAM XDSL routers, skype phones, wireless cards, wireless AP & AP routers, wireless USB adaptors, GIGA & mana...


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