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          Zhupiter : B2B Directory for Sourcing Taiwan & China Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters.

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          Textiles & Leather Products

          Listings of Textiles & Leather Products Manufacturers & Textiles & Leather Products Suppliers

          Acrylic Fiber

          Bamboo Fiber


          Blended Yarn

          Cotton Fabric

          Cotton Yarn

          Fancy Yarn

          Functional Textile

          Nylon Yarn

          Open End Yarn




          Polyester Fiber

          Polyester Yarn

          Polypropylene Yarn


          Sitting Pad

          Spandex Yarn

          Staple Fiber

          Textured Yarn


          Wool Fabric

          Woven Fabric

          Carbon Fiber Fabric

          Fashion Fabric

          Garment Fabrics

          Mesh Fabric

          Nonwoven Fabrics

          Organza Fabric

          PVC Fabrics


          Household Mat

          Non Slip Cushion

          Cap Manufacturer

          Ball Caps

          Cap Suppliers, Cap Manufacturers

          Embroidered Caps

          Hat Cap Manufacturers

          Wholesale Caps

          Fabric Manufacturers

          Acrylic Fabrics

          Apparel Fabric

          Awning Fabrics

          Bags Fabrics

          Bamboo Fabric Manufacturer

          Blend Fabric

          Bra Accessories Manufacturer s

          Bra Cup Manufacturers

          Bra Manufacturers

          Breathable Fabrics

          Bridal Lace Fabric

          Canvas Fabric Manufacturers

          Carpet Manufacturers

          Carpet And Rug Manufacturers

          Chambray Fabric

          Chenille Fabric

          Chenille Manufacturers

          Clothing Fabrics

          Clothing Lycra Spandex

          Curtain Draperies

          Curtains Fabrics

          Dobby Fabric

          Embroidered Crests

          Embroidered Fabric Manufacturers

          Embroidery Laces

          Embroidery Lace Design

          Fabric Lamination

          Fabric Meshes

          Fashion Textile Suppliers

          Fiber fabric

          Filter Fabrics

          Fireproof Fabrics

          Fleece Fabric

          Fleece Manufacturers

          Functional Fabric

          Functional Textiles

          Furniture Fabrics

          Garment Textile

          Hand Knotted Rug

          Hand Made Rug

          Hand Tufted Rug

          Handmade Rug

          Industrial Fabrics

          Industrial Textiles

          Jaconet Fabric

          Jacquard Fabric

          Jacquard Laces

          Knitted Fabric

          Knitting Manufacturer

          Lace Fabric Manufacturers

          Lycra Fabrics


          Machine Made Area Rug

          Metallic Fabrics

          Microfiber Cloth

          Neoprene Fabrics

          Nonwoven Fabric

          Non Woven Manufacturer

          Nylon 66 Filament

          Nylon Blends

          Nylon Fabrics

          Nylon Filaments

          Outdoor Fabrics

          Plaid Fabrics

          Polyester Fabric

          Polyester Fabrics

          Polypropylene Fabrics

          PP Nonwoven Cloth

          PVC Coated Fabrics

          PVC Mesh Manufacturers

          Recycled PET Fabric

          Rugs carpets

          Seamless Manufacturers

          Seat Belt Webbing

          Contractor Sewing

          Shade Cloth

          Spandex Fabrics

          Special Weave


          Synthetic Fabric

          Textile Auxiliaries

          Textile Fiber

          Tricot Fabrics

          Upholstery Fabrics

          UV Fabrics

          Waterproof Breathable Fabrics

          weaving fabrics

          Weaving Textile

          Wholesale Textiles

          Woven Jacquards

          Leather Products Manufacturers

          Artificial Leather

          Embossed Leather

          Faux Leather

          Leather Accessory

          Leather Goods Manufacturers

          Leather Manufacturers

          PU Leather

          PVC Leather

          Sponge Leathers

          Leather Suede

          Synthetic Leather

          Textile Machinery

          Towel Machines

          Abrasion Testers

          Bag Making Machines

          Bag Woven Machines

          Blindstitch Machines

          Bobbin Winders

          Braiding Machines

          Buttons Making Machines, Button Machine

          Button Machine

          Calender Machines

          Calendering Compactor Machines

          Calendering Machines

          Carpet Overedging Machines

          Circular Knitting Machines

          Circular Loom

          Cloth Cutting Machines

          Converting Machinery

          Crochet Machines

          Drying Machine

          Dyeing Finishing Machines

          Embossing Machines

          Embroidery Lace Machines

          Embroidery Machines

          Fabric Cutting Machines

          Finishing Machines

          Gloves Equipments

          Hemming Machines

          Home Sewing Machines

          Hydraulic Tensioners

          Industrial Knitting Machines

          Inspecting Machinery, Inspecting Machine

          Jacquard Machines

          Knitting Machiner

          Knitting Machine

          Lace Cuttings

          Laminating Equipments

          Laminating Machines

          Lamination Machines

          Mask Machines

          Narrow Fabric Machines

          Nonwoven Machines

          Overlock Machines

          Paper Looms

          Quilting Machines

          Raising Machines


          Rewinding Machines

          Screen Making

          Sealing Cutting Bag Making Machines

          Sewing Machines

          Sewing Machine Lifts

          Sewing Machine Parts

          Shearing Machines

          Slitter Rewinders

          Slitter Machine, Slitter Rewinder

          Slitting Machines

          Sock Knitting Machines

          Spin Machines

          Sueding Machines

          Textile Automation Machinery

          Textile Finishing Machines

          Textile Processing Machines

          Textile Twisters

          Thread Rollers

          Thread Trimmers

          Thread Trimming Machines

          Thread Winders

          Trimming Machines, Edger Trimmers

          Trimming Machines

          Warping Machines

          Weaving Looms

          Weaving Machine

          Weaving Machines

          Winding Machines

          Woven Fabric Machine

          Thread Manufacturers

          Elastic Threads

          Golden Threads

          Industrial Sewing Threads

          Nylon Threads

          Polyester Threads

          Sewing Machines Threads

          Sewing Thread

          Textile Thread Manufacturers

          Button Manufacturers

          Clothing Buckle Manufacturers

          Clothing Buttons

          Eyelet Manufacturers

          Metal Buttons

          Snap Buttons

          Clothing Label Manufacturers

          Custom Woven Labels

          Private Labels

          Tag Manufacturers

          Woven Clothing Labels

          Bridal Laces

          Chemical Guipure Lace

          Custom Printed Ribbons

          Fabric Ribbons

          Grosgrain Ribbons

          Jacquard Ribbon Suppliers

          Organza Ribbons

          Printed RibbonS

          Ribbon Manufacturer

          Sequins Laces

          Velvet Ribbons

          Woven Ribbons

          Webbing Manufacturers

          Elastic Webbings

          Jacquard Webbings

          Nylon Webbings

          Polyester Webbings

          Polypropylene Webbing

          Webbing Bands

          Webbing Tapes

          Belt Buckles

          Metal Zippers

          Plastic Zippers

          Sew On Tape

          Zipper Manufacturers

          Zipper Pulls

          Zipper And Slider

          Trimming Manufacturers

          Adjustable Rings

          Apparel Trimming

          Badge Lanyards

          Bra Fittings

          Computer Embroideries

          Crochet Trims

          Embroidered Logos

          Custom Name Tags

          Elastic Bands

          Elastic Belts

          Elastic Braids

          Elastic Loops

          Elastic Manufacturers

          Elastic Straps

          Elastic Tape Manufacturer

          Embroidered Applique

          Embroidered Patch

          Embroidery Manufacturers

          Flag Manufacturer

          Garment Trimmings

          Glitter Manufacturers

          Hook and Eye Tape

          Industrial Straps

          Laces Manufacturers

          Lace Trimmings

          Lanyard Manufacturer

          Large Size Embroidery

          Printed Lanyards

          Purse Frames

          Sequin Embroidery

          Shoulder Pads

          Tassel Trimmings

          Velcro Straps

          Yarn Manufacturers

          Bamboo Covered Yarn

          Color Yarn

          Cotton Yarn Manufacturers

          Elastic Covered Yarn

          Elastic Gores

          End Open Yarn

          Filament Manufacturers

          Filament Yarn

          Knitting Yarn Manufacturer

          Metallic Yarn

          Rayon Yarns

          Textured Yarns

          Weaving Yarn

          Wool Yarn Manufacturers

          Textile Manufacturers

          Industrial Fabric

          Apparel Accessory Manufacturers

          Artificial Flowers

          Badge Holders

          Badge Manufacturer

          Badge Reels

          Bags Fabric

          Bag Zippers

          Bandage Manufacturers

          Bar Code Labels

          Belt Manufacturers

          Front Hooks

          Button Suppliers, Button Manufacturers


          Casual Wear Manufacturers

          Cell Phone Straps

          Chenille Fabrics

          Child Clothing

          Chinese Fabric

          Metal Clothes Hanger Manufacturers

          Clothing Button Manufacturers

          Clothing Lycra Spandexs

          Clothing Manufacturer

          Cotton Glove

          Cuff Links

          Custom Belt Buckles

          Custom Hats

          Custom T Shirts

          Down Jackets



          Elastic Webbing

          Embroidered Badge Manufacturers

          Embroidery Emblems

          Fabric Laminations

          Fabric Suppliers

          Fashion Accessory Manufacturers

          Fashion Clothings

          Fashion Manufacturers

          Fiber Textile Manufacturers


          Fishnets Stockings

          Garment Accessory

          Garment Exporters, Garment Manufacturers

          Garment Material

          Garment Textile Manufacturer, Garment Textile Manufacturing

          Fabric Geotextile


          Caps and Hats

          Hat Manufacturers

          Chinese Hat,Hat Suppliers

          Home Textile Manufacturers

          Hosiery Manufacturer

          Industrial Clothings

          Knitted Fabric Exporters, Knitted Fabric Manufacturers

          knitting Manufacturers

          Lace Dresses

          Lace Embroidery

          Laminating Fabrics

          Lanyard Neck Suppliers

          Lingerie Suppliers, Lingerie Manufacturers


          Mesh Manufacturers

          Metal Badges

          Metalized Films

          Metallic Yarn Manufacturers

          Neck Lanyard, Custom Lanyard

          Needle Manufacturer

          Non Woven Fabric

          Nylon Webbing

          Pantie Hose Manufacturers

          Polar Fleece

          Private Label Manufacturers

          Rain Wears

          Recycled Fiber, Recycling Fiber


          Sewing Dress Form

          Sewing Kits

          Shoe Clothes

          Silk Flower Manufacturers

          Snap Fasteners

          Sock Hosiery

          Sock Manufacturers

          Soft Bag Manufacturers

          Sports Socks

          Sporting Jackets

          Sterling Silver Rings


          Straw Hats

          T Shirts

          Tarpaulin Manufacturer

          Textile Auxiliary Manufacturers

          Textile Manufacturing

          Costume Trimming Manufacturers

          Under Wears

          Underwear Manufacturers

          Webbing Manufacturer

          Wedding Dress Manufacturers

          Wholesale Apparels

          Wholesale Hats

          Wholesale Jackets

          Wind Surfs

          Woman Fashions

          Work Glove

          Woven Labels

          Zipper Suppliers

          Ballistic Fabric

          Kevlar Fabrics

          Woven Bag Machines

          Embroidery Appliques

          Related Manufacturers

          Ray Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of all kind of fasteners and steel wires such as drilling & self tapping screws, thread cutting & rolling screw, chipboard & particle board & drywall screw, construction screw, window & roofing screws, dowel screw, stainless steel metric machine screws, hex & cheese cap & socket screws, set & thread forming screw, SMS & concrete screws, multi- troke screw, furniture & wood screws, flat head and sems screw, threaded & security screw, bi metal screws, computer & automotive screw, lag screw, brass...

          Ho Hong Screws Co., Ltd.

          Manufacturer of fastener products, including SEMS screws, cheese head screws, miniature screw, slotted screw, electronics screw, self tapping screws, machines screws, steel / metal screws, torx screw, customer-made screws, nylon screws, chipboard screws, socket head cap screws, bi metal screws, thread forming/ rolling screws.

          Top-Green Corporation

          Manufacturer and exporter of self drilling tapping taptite screws, various special screws, rings, washers, spring pins & various stamping parts, milled press parts, stainless screw & bolts (nuts), electronics screws, hose clamps, brass inserts, machine screws, carbon steel/ stainless steel 302, 304, 410 self-drilling screws, 410T self tapping screws, thread forming screws, euro screws, flooring panel screws, high low thread screws, plastics screws, specialty coating screws, screw tail dies, window screws, r...

          Taining Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.

          1. TN-35A Automatic Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. ( Cone & Kingspool & Spool Type).
          2. TN-35E Automatic Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. (Cone & Kingspool Type).
          3. TN-21D Automatic Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. (Cone Type ).
          4. TN-21E Automatic Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. (Cone Type).
          5. TN-35 Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. (Cone & Kingspool & Spool Type).
          6. TN-09S Automatic Under-Bobbin Winder And ...


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