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          Zhupiter : B2B Directory for Sourcing Taiwan & China Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters.

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          Related Manufacturers

          Jss Sports Co., Ltd.

          sporting goods, sports equipments, exercise & fitness equipments, commercial fitness equipments- foam hand grips, jump ropes, expander exercise, rubber expanders, exercise bars, soft & steel dumbbells, ankle & wrist weight, body exerciser, metal exercise, exercise rollers, exercise mats, slimmer shirts and pants, slimmer trimmers, support belts, family training sets, gym balls, power rings, soft rings, body balance boards, yoga rings, sit up benches, massage exercise, mini steppers, disco twisters, treadmil...

          Nantong Jianli Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

          fitness equipments & sporting goods- home GYM, exercise bike ( bicycle), stepper, foldable weightlifting bench, olympic weight bench, sit-up bench, AB-shaper, dumbbell set & rack, barbell, training bar, handgrips, jump ropes, sports ball, badminton sets, PE & PVC mat, surfing equipments, surfboards, bodyboard and electronic scooters.

          Taiwan Age Co., Ltd.

          sports ( sporting) goods, indoor ( leisure, entertainments)- (1) fitness equipments & exercisers- magnetic bikes, spin bikes, belt bikes, elliptical bikes, recumbent bikes, home gym. (2) exercise balls- gym balls, table tennis, punching ball sets, handy exercisers wrist balls, anti burst. (3) massagers- trimmer belt massagers, massage cushions, massage twists, foot tapping massagers, vibrating massagers, massage pens. (4) fitness accessory ( accessories)- multi-horizontal bars, master gym, super ringflex, b...

          Kug Way Co., Ltd.

          sports ( sporting) goods, outdoor ( indoor, entertainment, leisure, beauty and health care) products, exercise & fitness products equipments, body building equipment, home gym equipments, physical trainers ( training), aerobic exercise equipment, treadmills, motorized treadmill, steppers, ( programmable) elliptical trainers ( bikes), recumbent bikes, rowing machine, body vibration plates ( vibrator), wind bicycles, wind rower, upright & exercise bikes, weight training accessories, weight & sit up benches, l...

          Shanghai Nancy Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

          (1) yoga & pilates products- yoga mat, exercise mat, yoga mat bags & slings, yoga kits, foam yoga blocks, yoga clothing, yoga socks & gloves, balance discs, foam rollers, gym balls & accessories, massage ball, medicine ball, pilates rings, stretch bands & tubes, weight balls, meditation cushions. (2) fitness equipments & devices- jump ropes, dumbbell, hand gripes, push-up bars, soccer balls, ankle & wrist weights, trampoline. (3) outdoor sporting- beach games, beach ball kits, beach mat, picnic mat.


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